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Earth Has No Ego (Terracidal Madness: Affronting Creation) But A Precious Soul

    Atlas Shrugged    [re: Alan Greenspan's supposed SellOut]
  The Fire Next Time
  Sunday, September 16th at 7/6c
   Starring Craig T. Nelson, Richard Farnsworth,
   Bonnie Bedelia, Jurgen Prochnow, Paul Rudd
  'The year is 2017 - the unrelenting heat waves
  and coastal flooding brought on by the greenhouse
  effect are ravaging the earth. While scientists
  and politicians argue and lay blame, ordinary
  citizens pay the price for a world sickened by
  pollution and economic disaster.
   "The Fire Next Time" is the story of an American
  family forced to confront this ruinous legacy.'


  Blood and Oil
  Greenspan: Iraq was all about the oil

  Stop right there.
  All of this is NOT about just stealing The Oil...
  -It's about The Money stealing The Oil ADDS to...
  ...Greenspan's seeming sudden candor is disingenuity
  carried to new heights: his seeming act of betrayal,
  low as it may appear, is actually a loyal performance
  of disinformational sleight of hand...
  'Military Keynesianism' too is merely a subset of it all.
  (...And it too is used as an economic scapegoat...)
  ...And as likewise is 'terra nullius'...


  This post began for me outside of DN but orbited it,
  and I've here already twice linked articles to the
  current edition, so here it is en toto: DN!:09/14/07
  (But if you'll click on anything here at all, please
  be sure to hit the first one up top... Reading it through
  to the comments leads, by the author, to the bottom one.)

  My God. When I think of what I did at Sitel this summer
  up in Caribou, Maine, I know I am as culpable as anyone.
  Maybe even much more.
  Hell, I just wanted to make money for my beloved.
    Let Them Eat Babies    [The Transnats Too!]
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